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Love me, feed me, don't leave me!

Feeling Hungry ? Feeling Bored ? Feeling Playful ?

World’s 1st Garfield
Quick Mobile Restaurant(QMR)

Love me, feed me, don't leave me!

The Brand History

The cartoon classic, Garfield, was born in 1978 by cartoonist Jim Davis. Garfield turns 40 years old in 2018!
GarfieldEATS inspired by the 1980s most famous hungry orange cat that lives with us for more than 40 years becoming a global pop culture with over 200 million comic books sold in 80 countries and 40 languages.
The Garfield Show has 25 million views weekly worldwide.
The Garfield Hollywood feature films grossed over $340 million
The Garfield brand has left its mark on movies, television series and specials, books, stage, plays and musicals, and thousands of consumer products.

"I thought if I could create a convincing cat I could say and do anything I wanted on the human condition."
~ Jim Davis

To find out more or for step-by-step instructions, you can download our Re-box PDF Manual.

At GarfieldEATS, we make sure your meals arrive fresh and safe in the most environmentally responsible and re-purposed packaging available: we call it ReBox, and Mother Nature will love it.

We are committed to developing fully re-purposeful, recyclable, and compostable GarfieldEATS boxes for a better tomorrow. Now, that's smart!


Entergagement is an engaging mobile app powered by entertainment features. It is a UI (user interface), which allows users to engage while being simultaneously entertained.
GarfieldEATS app enables you to watch, play, order, read, collect, redeem, track, manage, chat, share and much more All-in-One app; we call “entergaging”.
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Meet The Friends




Nathen Mazri

Co-founder / Chief Entergage Officer (CEO)


Pascal Haider



Jim Davis Says “Since 40 years, no one has ever come to me to create a Garfield-shaped pizza and quick mobile app restaurant chain called GarfieldEATS”


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