Someone Tried To Order Half A Million Dollars Worth Of Lasagna From This Ontario Spot

The customer ordered 30,000 frozen lasagnas!

It looks like someone in the province has an appetite worthy of Garfield himself.

A customer tried to order $500K worth of Ontario GarfieldEATS lasagna last week.

The online order included 30,000 frozen Big Cow Lasagnas and 156 themed masks, which came to a total of over $500,000.

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Breaking News: GarfieldEATS creator Nathen Mazri had enough with the landlord’s greed and calls it quits for the storefront in Bloorcourt Village.

COVID19 has accelerated the death of QSR and quickly gave rise to the QMR&R (quick mobile restaurant and retail) opening businesses on mobile-friendly websites and apps given our app-economy. GarfieldEATS has always embraced digital with their entergaging gamitification restaurant app where you can play GarfieldEATS Foodattack AR and collect paws to save on lasagnas.

GarfieldEATS closed its storefront last Monday(we hate Mondays anyway), but aggressively continues with its e-commerce operations selling merchandise and Frozen Big Cow Lasagnas only, which you can throw in the oven anytime; removing all other menu items and specializing in lasagna, one popular product everyone loves, so as Garfield since 1978. No landlord can take that recipe away from us. Who needs another brick and mortar anyway? We wish the landlord good luck finding a new tenant. No one is looking to open up, but rather work digitally and smarter. The CEO, Nathen Mazri says “We have always paid the rent and ready to disclose bank statement and proof of transfers made to the landlord since the lockdown in March 2020, but he wanted more, more, & more. He is simply greedy after we updated his entire filthy building”.

Nathen adds “It is sad to see restaurants closing, but we live in an era of shifting economies and transition from information era to an interconnected society driven by tech. We must embrace it while landlords still live in the past.”

Nathen had enough of the landlord’s shenanigans during this pandemic and called it quits for the  GarfieldEATS storefront only. Given Garfield is a pop icon cat loved by 200 million fans worldwide, the  995 Bloor St. West location was not the right choice anyways. Co-founder Pascal says “do not be surprised if you see us in a bigger and better location in Toronto, but eCommerce is the way to the future”.

The Canadian Federal government has been generous to support Canadians fast in the first and second waves for landlords and our landlord still had no interest to apply to the COVID19 commercial rent program for Canadian businesses providing forgivable loans to eligible landlords. This allows them to reduce rent for their impacted small business tenants by at least 75% for the agreed-upon period, so they can stay in business as we safely and gradually reopen Ontario’s economy. That is voluntary, though.

Landlord says “it looks bad to apply for the COVID19 tenancy rent program on his file”. He has been threatening us since March 2020, when Nathen Mazri has emailed an internal memo to all stakeholders including Nickelodeon and prepared a professional email to the landlord on the day of the lockdown outlining the pandemic and relief required; detailing other ways to support each other throughout our lease term. 

The landlord has always disagreed continuing with the threats to lock us out and he still demanded full rent. GarfieldEATS has paid full rent in March 2020 and April 2020 as well as May 2020 as agreed, until he locked us out illegitimately finally for the June 2020 full rent without any relief again. GarfieldEATS operations supervisor took the TTC for 1 hour to the store to start his daily shift only to find a notice suddenly locking us out with 5 days to remove our belongings out without any prior notice. Humiliating! 

However, Nathen reopened it that afternoon saving the cat after the Garfield fans realized our closure and the media picked up on it and interviewed Nathen for the full story. The landlord finally agreed for relief until October 2019 after he saw the Canadian media blasting off about our closure reporting on  GarfieldEATS brief 4 hours closure in his building and the disputes. He audaciously asked Nathen’s legal team to stop communicating with the media thinking he can control Nathen. Little did he know! 

Nathen thanks the media and the Garfield fans who saved us. Numerous podcasters and media started to call the landlord’s office to ask for his comments, even from the USA. Nathen Mazri says “the landlord may have power in the keys, but my power was in the Garfield fans’ voices worth a thousand keys.” He continues to add saying “GarfieldEATS stayed open just for the loyal fans, but COVID19 has also been extremely harsh to the entire restaurant and food and beverage industry including Davids Tea, Pizza Hut, and Chuk E. Cheese.” Nathen knew it was an end to an era.

GarfieldEATS will always be known as the world’s 1st Garfield restaurant in Toronto adored by the nostalgic Garfield fans from around the globe, who visited us from places like New York, Portugal, China, Australia, Dubai, UK, Seattle, and many more. Nickelodeon is supporting Nathen Mazri on a regular basis to ensure the success of GarfieldEATS, together.

GarfieldEATS was one of the tourists’ destinations to visit in Toronto. We are proud to have served you!  


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GarfieldEATS is also partners with SickKids auctioning the world’s first Garfield giant plush toy (135cm) gifted to Nathen Mazri by 20th-century fox. GarfieldEATS decided to donate it to the foundation to help build the new hospital and raise funds.  

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