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Canadian entrepreneur behind GarfieldEATS wants to disrupt fast-food, one lasagna at a time

Neither the chair nor the CEO of Toronto’s newest food-delivery app company work on Mondays. That’s because the chair, ostensibly, is famous comic-book cat Garfield, and Nathen Mazri, the CEO – which stands for chief “entergage” officer – is an astute Garfield loyalist.

On Wednesday, Mr. Mazri’s pet project came to life on Toronto’s streets: GarfieldEATS. The name says it all: download the app and a world of Garfield will be at your fingertips. Garfield-shaped pizza and chocolates, Garfuccinos, and – of course – lasagna can be delivered to your door. Based out of an orange-bedecked storefront on Bloor Street West at Dovercourt Road, former Montrealer Mr. Mazri hopes to deliver food to consumers in environmentally friendly ways, including hybrid cars and electric scooters. (Pizza prices range from $13 to $18.99; lasagna is $17.99; the delivery zone is limited to about 20 kilometres from the store.)

The whole thing might sound like a cartoon storyline – but it’s endorsed by Garfield creator Jim Davis. Mr. Mazri, 31, describes himself as “the world’s youngest Garfield licensee.”

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