The 4 Laws of Necessity

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Food, Health, Shelter, Love

GarfieldEATS for Human Kind is our corporate social responsibility program (CSR), which we take very seriously at the heart of our organization. We value the life of a human being and understand the high cost implications endured by the 600,000,000+ poor people in the world living under $1.90, according to the World Bank, which breaks our heart. Ending poverty is the UN’s first Sustainable Development Goal (SDG1). Read more here
Here we are making Garfield-Shaped pizzas, while millions live without the basic necessities and cry for help. Garfield may be lazy, but not when it comes for the good of humanity


Garfield is a pop icon brand that influence millions of people around the world from all ages since 1978. Our numbers don’t lie!

  • 16+ million Facebook Fans
  • 200 million Comic Readers as per Guinness World Records
  • $340+ million in movie box office movie

Realizing the brand’s power in the world, GarfieldEATS decided to use it for the good, really good!
Please note that we do not accept donations as we are a private owned company.


Law #1 Food


Law #2 Health

Law #3 Shelter

Garfield Blankets & Pillows

Garfield knows the feeling of being cold and if the cat has a blue blanket and pillow then so should a human being in need. GarfieldEATS provides Garfield branded pillows and blankets for individuals and children living under unfortunate circumstances. Our aim is to ensure appropriate shelter conditions to stay warm and have a goodnight sleep!
If you know someone living in unhealthy home conditions, we want to hear about their story.


Law #4 Love

Sponsor a Birthday

It is about the power of love! Garfield has received millions of hearts around the world and now it is your turn to be loved. GarfieldEATS sponsors a child birthday living under unfortunate circumstances or intensive medical care and perhaps, we can enhance a child’s emotional well-being with a Garfield mascot, GarfieldEATS pizza, Garfield comic book, coloring box, Garfield t-shirt, and much more.
If you are a parent, guardian, academic institution, or a non-profit organization; we want to hear about your story

Ways to Help?

*Terms & Conditions apply and requests evaluated case by case for eligibility

Get your Garfield Certificate of Recognition

GarfieldEATS offers supporters a beautiful framed Garfield Certificate of Recognition under your name signed by the founders and mailed to you expressing our appreciation. A Garfield certificate will look good on your resume or LinkedIn or even in your office to show your association with the global pop-icon cartoon for a good cause.
If you are inspired by our CSR, GarfieldEATS for Human Kind, and interested to support one of our programs in your community or overseas.