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GarfieldEATS Leads a QMR (Quick Mobile Restaurant) Industry
Garfield-Shaped Pizza, Garficcino, and entergaging app…

May 8, Dubai: The innovative, all-in-one mobile application GarfieldEATS has marked its debut product and app launch in Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai. The first ever Quick Mobile Restaurant (QMR) founded by the young Canadian-Arab entrepreneur Nathen Mazri and Pascal Haider took the stage to lead talks in QMR industry in this fast shifting mobile app-economy. GarfieldEATS is built around the global pop icon and 200 million comic books sold, Garfield, the mischievous orange cat famous for his love of pizzas, lasagna and coffee. GarfieldEATS is now now available on all devices to order, watch, play and much more than a typical boring restaurant. The event was attended by the special celebrity, Razan Moghrabi, who was the first presenter to bring Hollywood news to Middle East. She praised the founders on stage and her love for Garfield as a teenager.

The co-founders, Nathan and Pascal, explained the fresh concept of ‘enter-gaging’ and how the app will prove to be a shaker in the digital landscape of Dubai. They demonstrated the workings of the GarfieldEATS app, from watching the Garfield animation videos, play Garfield in augmented reality Foodattack game while waiting for delivery, and unlock special goupon deals and many engaging features to retain the user and increase user acquisition. That is the purpose of entertaining and engaging the user at the same time called Entergage. Guests got to experience the comic-inspired menu, from a range of Garfield shaped pizzas prepared with healthy ingredients in a wooden oven to lasagnas, dark chocolate and 'Garficcino' a spinoff to Garfield’s favorite coffee brewed with 100% Arabica sourced from Italy with natural blend flavors like pumpkin or dark chocolate. GarfieldEATS founders were proud to highlight that the ingredients in the menu are sourced from the finest farm products available in the UAE referred to as Farm2Plate. The founders believe that future generations deserve to eat healthier food as they become more sophisticated on what preservatives, GMOs, and emulsifiers mean on a label.

Nathen Mazri also spoke to the media about the sustainable approach of GarfiledEATS, they have worked deliberately to keep in line with Dubai's vision for a sustainable environment “GarfieldEATS will rely only on eco-friendly methods of operation including green electric scooters to deliver orders, in addition to the specially designed reusable pizza boxes with guidelines to form plates, lasagna boxes to form tissue boxes, and cold drinks cups to form pencil holders.”

Inspired by the famed tabby cat, founders Nathen and Pascal chose Garfield to help them achieve a global transformation in ‘enter-gaging’ applications. Coming soon, GarfieldEATS will be backed by artificial intelligence and voice recognition for users to order quicker with ease. Garfield’s creator Jim Davis appeared on the big screen from USA at the start of the event and was delighted with the concept and he says, “In 40 years, no one has ever come to me with a better thought-out plan to deliver great food in a fun and engaging way other than Nathen, the rebel. I also admire their insistence on keeping the menu healthy and the environment safe.”

Garfield is back and revived in a big way in the food and digital industry.