GarfieldEATS inspired by the 1980s most famous hungry orange cat that lives with us for more than 40 years becoming a global pop culture with over 200 million comic books sold in 80 countries and 40 languages.

The Garfield Show has 25 million views weekly worldwide.

The Garfield Hollywood feature films grossed over $340 million. 

The Garfield brand has left its mark on movies, television series and specials, books, stage, plays and musicals, and thousands of consumer products.


Garfield Loves to Entergage

Garfield believes communities deserved a fun new digital way to order Farm2Plate food & merch making ordering food fun and easy, or shall we call it – “entergaging” – entertaining + engaging. It is the most entertaining restaurant app out there !

Users can watch exclusive Garfield episodes, play Foodattack AR, order delicious food, collect Paws, unlock Goupons, track an order, share the app to earn free pizzas, and much more – All-in-One mobile app.


Garfield Loves Earth

Garfield is sensitive to environmental and environmentally friendly packaging, which can be repurposed called Re-Box. Pizza boxes convert to pizza plate, lasagna boxes into tissue boxes, fries’ box into a travel pack and more. The Re-Box easy-steps are available on all GarfieldEATS packaging, mobile app or click here.


Garfield Loves Farming

Garfield is hungry but concerned about healthy living concerns. GarfieldEATS will adhere to strict Farm2Plate supply sourcing, guaranteeing no GMOs, no preservatives, no hormones, no artificial colors, and no fertilizers.

Brand Story

Garfield’s favorite food come to life.

Garfield’s dreams come true! GarfieldEATS is the world’s 1st quick entergaging restaurant app — both engaging + entertaining. App users can play, watch, and order at the same time and collect paws, a loyalty coin system, to unlock goupon offers, game levels, episodes and more.  

GarfieldEATS highly anticipated Garfield-shaped pizzas, lasagna, spaghetti, and Garfield 3D dark chocolate bars, Garficcino flavored coffee, and smoothies are all on the menu to complete the Garfield tasty experience made with farm2plate (F2P) ingredients.

Meet Garfield & Friends


Brand Ambassador
I’m an anthropomorphic orange tabby known for my laziness, smug sarcasm, and intense passion for food, particularly Pizza, Lasagna, and Garficcino.

Nathen Mazri

Co-Founder - Chief Entergage Officer
Nathen sold his ad agency at age 24. Nathen joined as VP of Marketing for Mr Sub, Jugo Juice, Van Houtte Cafe by MTY Group with 5500 outlets & $2B in sales. Nathen convinces Jim Davis, creating the WORLD’S 1st GarfieldEATS making him the world’s youngest Garfield licensee to develop the 1st Garfield-shaped pizza cutter. Nathen serves as the CEO of GarfieldEATS and also an Author.

Pascal Haider

Pascal Haider holds master’s degrees in Business Administration and International Management. He invested in several companies and serves Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Matthew Cassar

Finance Manager

“A business needs financial analysis, accounting advice and a clear strategy to move forward and grow.” Says Matthew Cassar. Stonehenge Accounting was founded by Matt and his father, Lewis Cassar, in 2011. He studied Economics at the University of Western Ontario and later earned his Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. He oversees GarfieldEATS  finance department by advising and working closely with the co-founders.

Ghassan Fares

Business Development Manager / Franchise Expert
Ghassan Fares has over 25 years of experience in commercial real estate and franchise development for fast food concepts & worked closely with Cafe Supreme, 3 Amigos, Boustan, MTY Group, Second Cup and many more in Canada and Middle East selling master franchises. He strongly believes in the hungry cat and QMR and he is now developing GarfieldEATS to feed 200 million fans with the founders as approved by the licensor.

Norman Skolnick

Real Estate Advisor
Norman attended the University of Western Ontario. He has worked in commercial real estate since 1977 dealing with major national and international clients like Citibank, Merrill Lynch, The Gap, The Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, Cineplex Odeon etc. He has also owned an animation studio, packaging company and other successful businesses over the years making Norman a leading diversified advisor to the board working closely with the young Nathen Mazri to achieve the overall business development goals for GarfieldEATS.

Dominic Tunstall

Creative Director
Dominic is an award-winning designer with 10 years of experience in branding and digital design focused on the GarfieldEATS UI, web, and user journey. Dominic has worked with the co-founder, Nathen Mazri, closely to create the Rebox repurposeful packaging concept. Dominic leads a digital design team to take the pop icon Garfield’s brand into the food industry for the first time in the world.

Harald Suekar

Fast Food Advisor / Former CEO of McDonald's
Harald Suekar is a renowned expert in the food and beverage industry who has served successfully as CEO of McDonald’s in Austria over a period of 11 years, and actively managed the expansion into Eastern Europe. He participated in executive programs at Harvard and IESE Business School and with his rich experience he has been consulting new and established brands in the industry to thrive. He is especially passionate about shifting the focus to healthy and sustainable concepts. As an author of “Die Fast Food Falle”, he draws the attention to this very subject and encourages GarfieldEATS and large food corporations to a paradigm shift.

Kith Pathak

Regional Manager (London-Canada)
Kith is a valued partner and regional manager of GarfieldEATS in London, Canada overlooking the operations in the territory to ensure quality and a happy service. Kith brings to GarfieldEATS years of experience and skillset from McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts in USA. Most of all, he is a proud husband and father; and loves Garfield.